Financial inclusion is seen to be key in achieving the SDGs 2030 . Better health has a direct correlation with better economic status. Financial inclusion makes it less likely for the poor to have a financial catastrophe from costs of seeking medical care. Service Hub’s product, the RxRemit ( will potentially provide the answer for financial inclusion through healthcare targeted micro remittance and savings within the ecosystem of health care seekers, their support funding network (family, friends and well wishers) and health care providers.


It is known that 5-12% of all remittances are targeted towards health-care. RxRemit hosted on uremittance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will - Promote a savings culture through the collaborative banking “susu” system (eg the Pregnant mother and father team up and save into a common wallet towards the delivery of a baby over a 7 – 9 moth period).

Associated Simple Services such as the e-blood pressure control project where the general public, but especially pregnant women can check their Blood pressure on a regular basis will prove a great incentive for joining this project. High Blood Pressure is the number one underlying cause of Maternal Mortality even in cities such as Accra.


All year round, hundreds of thousands of pregnant women live in Ghana and many emerging economies. Also generally Health Care is an important reason for remittance with a range of 5-12%(WORLD bank 2010) of remittances. Part of our goal is to see if a targeted remittance system will increase this average and subsequently improve on the SDG 3 goals including maternal and infant health .

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