About nanoPLEDGE

The nanoPLEDGE platform www.nanopledge.com for enabling the development of primarily fintech products that promote financial inclusion to promote Health and Education nanoPledge makes it possible to plan how to send and save money with two types of accounts: Remitter Accounts and Dependent Accounts

Its integration into mobile banking products will bring about the growth of banking products by getting both parents (with Remitter Accounts) to contribute into their Children's (with Dependent Accounts) savings accounts via mobile platforms, debit cards and cash deposits in a regular micro deposit program. Old parents or relations receiving remittances can also have Dependent Savings accounts Banking and Mobile mobile platforms can design products across Africa. The new term is social banking or collaborative banking, www.nanoplege.com is meant to integrate social norms such as susu and sika mane forming a hybrid of microsavings and remittance which forms our hybrid flagship product.

SME Banking is also high on the agenda and banking for the youth as well as small loan repayment plan integration are of interest. Your current REGISTERATION is for evaluation.

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